Katie's Engagement Ring

Katie's Engagement Ring

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How I Asked My Bridesmaids!

Hello all!

I can finally reveal to everyone the surprise I gave my bridesmaids, or rather, maids of honor, as they have all received them! I made them all cute little boxes asking them to be one of my maids of honor! They are filled with stuff pertaining to our wedding such as when, where, and ideas for their dresses =).

I knew I wanted to ask them in a special way, especially because only a few of them still live in Redlands. When I came across this idea I thought it was perfect since I could mail it to the ones that don't live here anymore!  

These boxes, which were very fun to make, are an idea inspired by the blog "Rinse. Repeat." See the amazingly creative idea here. Todd helped me create and we're really excited about how they turned out. He helped me make the cards on photoshop. I am happy that he's into the planning process too!

I am happy to report that all my girls said yes and I am very excited that they will be there with me on my wedding day! 

Todd and I are also very happy to finally have an official date for our wedding! June 22, 2013! 


Below I have attached some pictures of one of the boxes for you all to see. Enjoy! 

Here is the open box all finished! 

Here is the box showing the candy at the bottom and all the cards laid out. 

Here is a close up of the details (the cards got a bit cut off in the picture, oops). The card categories are: "our day," "your role," "my girls," and "your dresses." Then I also included pictures of dresses I thought represented the type and color of dresses to help them shop, and paint chips that represent our color palette! 

I included some yummy treats for them as well (and they happen to be in our color palette)!

The top of the box was a chalkboard, so I wrote all their names in chalk! (I found the boxes at Michael's)


  1. Awesome! that's so clever! I love it!

  2. I love the idea!!! :) You guys are too cute! Glad the BOTH of you are having fun planning the wedding together. I enjoy reading these. :)