Katie's Engagement Ring

Katie's Engagement Ring

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Getting Real

Hi All,

Needless to say, it's been a while since we've posted an update on the goings on in regards to the wedding. I've got lots of chores to do today, so I'll keep this short, sweet, and as informative as possible!

Yesterday, Katie and I took our engagement photos at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure (with the new Cars Land) with the fabulous Coco McKown of Coco McKown Photgraphy. If you haven't seen her blog and her work, you need to do that. Seriously, stop reading my blog and check out all her photos. They're natural, they're beautiful, and they capture the moment as it was meant to be.  Here's a sneak peek at our engagement session:

We shot for 4 hours! Which means that Katie walked around those parks in 5-inch heels for 4 hours. She's got the battle wounds to prove it! What a tough-cookie, she is!

Today, Katie is going wedding dress shopping at Mon Amie Bridal Salon in Costa Mesa with her mom, grandma, and (one of seven) MoHs, Clara... after a breakfast at Martha Green's, of course. This is a huge step in the progression of the wedding plans. And it's funny to think of Katie avidly pinning wedding dress ideas to Pinterest and now, she's doing the real thing. I hope she finds "the dress" today. I'm so excited for her!

Tomorrow is June 22nd, 2012, which marks one year until the wedding! There's not much more I can say about that. I'm just so happy!

Once the engagement photos are posted, we'll make sure to link them here.

Until then, my friends!


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

How I Asked My Groomsmen!

Hi All,

Since Katie shared the fantastic way she asked her girls to be her Maids of Honor, I feel that I should share with you how I asked my guys to be my Best Men. It's not nearly as craft-involved as hers, but it was fast, free, and got instant results! It's safe to say that the guys listed responded exactly as they should have: showing their shining, slightly sarcastic, and dork/nerd-esque qualities. 

To view the videos that Chris and Dane posted, make sure to click the YouTube URL, not the thumbnail of the video.


  • February 18
    Todd Montemayor
    • Hey Guys,

      You all are my closest friends, there's no doubt about it. Whether we go back to elementary school, high school, college, or are my future brother-in-law, I wouldn't dream of getting married without you guys by my side.

      There won't be a "Best Man" and several "Groomsmen".

      You all will be "The Best Men."

      Katie and I are planning the wedding for late June of 2013 and it will take place at the University of Redlands.

      I sincerely hope you all will be able to be there with me!

      All the best, guys!


  • February 19
    Miles McAllister
    • Dude. Of course. Would not miss it. Ever. So happy for you guys! Love you, man.

  • February 19
    Dane Lighthart
    • Todd, I am honored that you asked me, and heartily accept. If by my life or death I can protect you, I will. You have my sword.

  • February 19
    Garrett Karlin
    • This is going to be so much fun!

  • February 19
    Stephen Lee
    • Let's do this thing, brother. Oh, uh, and you have my bow.

  • February 20
    Chris Lam
    • And my axe???? haha!

  • February 20
    Todd Montemayor
    • The Fellowship (of 8?) is almost complete!

  • February 20
    Jordan Robison
    • I'm going to be sick that month...

      Nawwwww, I'm Kidding!!!!!!!!
      ...but seriously, I'll think about it.

  • February 20
    Stephen Lee
    • Something, something, fellowship of the wedding ring.

  • February 20
    Todd Montemayor
    • Yes.

  • February 20
    Tim Gaffrey
    • Wouldn't miss it for the world. Actually if there was a really good movie playing and somebody wanted to go, I'd probably to that instaed.
    • Just kidding of course. But if there was free popcorn I would go to the movies instead.

  • February 20
    Garrett Karlin
    • Shit. I'm with Tim. Free food and I'm gone. Sorry, Todd.

  • February 20
    Stephen Lee
    • They'll probably have a summer chick flick about a wedding we can all go see.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How I Asked My Bridesmaids!

Hello all!

I can finally reveal to everyone the surprise I gave my bridesmaids, or rather, maids of honor, as they have all received them! I made them all cute little boxes asking them to be one of my maids of honor! They are filled with stuff pertaining to our wedding such as when, where, and ideas for their dresses =).

I knew I wanted to ask them in a special way, especially because only a few of them still live in Redlands. When I came across this idea I thought it was perfect since I could mail it to the ones that don't live here anymore!  

These boxes, which were very fun to make, are an idea inspired by the blog "Rinse. Repeat." See the amazingly creative idea here. Todd helped me create and we're really excited about how they turned out. He helped me make the cards on photoshop. I am happy that he's into the planning process too!

I am happy to report that all my girls said yes and I am very excited that they will be there with me on my wedding day! 

Todd and I are also very happy to finally have an official date for our wedding! June 22, 2013! 


Below I have attached some pictures of one of the boxes for you all to see. Enjoy! 

Here is the open box all finished! 

Here is the box showing the candy at the bottom and all the cards laid out. 

Here is a close up of the details (the cards got a bit cut off in the picture, oops). The card categories are: "our day," "your role," "my girls," and "your dresses." Then I also included pictures of dresses I thought represented the type and color of dresses to help them shop, and paint chips that represent our color palette! 

I included some yummy treats for them as well (and they happen to be in our color palette)!

The top of the box was a chalkboard, so I wrote all their names in chalk! (I found the boxes at Michael's)

Friday, March 9, 2012

Getting Closer!

Hi Everyone,

We're getting closer and closer to pinning down our date! My "contact" at the University (for the reception) informed us that the date we're shooting for should be just fine, since we're doing this pretty early in the game. The church's calendar hasn't been planned out this far in advance so the date that we pick will be ours, barring any sudden, large event plans for that month, natural disasters, or apocalypse.

Since the engagement, Katie and I have been using Pinterest, a wedding binder, and other organizational resources to keep our thoughts in line as we continue with the planning process. One of the things that we're really enjoying about the planning is the fact that with my familiarity with Photoshop, we can design most, if not all, of the printed elements that go into wedding planning.

I have already created our Save the Dates! Though we haven't set our date, the design is set and we know which printing company and paper selection we'll be using. We've also created a feature that will be on the tables at the reception. Two words: Photography Challenge!


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Holding Pattern...

Hi Everyone,

The main question we're getting from friends and family is "When's the date!?"

We wish we could answer that at this point, believe me, we really do. So many things are hinged upon setting a date... booking vendors and what not.

We've made initial contact with the Associate Pastor at First Baptist, but we're still waiting for a response so we can begin our Marriage Preparation Course.

For the reception, however, the summer conference schedule hasn't been finalized, which is why we can't yet commit to the space. Hopefully that'll be soon though!

It's frustrating to no be able to move forward with any planning. Katie has finished her surprise for her bridesmaids and I've set my list of groomsmen, but that's about it! We want to keep going...

We will however, be going back to Bijoux soon to 1) put Katie's wedding band on layaway with a deposit before the price goes up and 2) purchase my wedding band!

We're still working on the wedding website. I'll hopefully have it up by this weekend =)