Katie's Engagement Ring

Katie's Engagement Ring

Friday, March 9, 2012

Getting Closer!

Hi Everyone,

We're getting closer and closer to pinning down our date! My "contact" at the University (for the reception) informed us that the date we're shooting for should be just fine, since we're doing this pretty early in the game. The church's calendar hasn't been planned out this far in advance so the date that we pick will be ours, barring any sudden, large event plans for that month, natural disasters, or apocalypse.

Since the engagement, Katie and I have been using Pinterest, a wedding binder, and other organizational resources to keep our thoughts in line as we continue with the planning process. One of the things that we're really enjoying about the planning is the fact that with my familiarity with Photoshop, we can design most, if not all, of the printed elements that go into wedding planning.

I have already created our Save the Dates! Though we haven't set our date, the design is set and we know which printing company and paper selection we'll be using. We've also created a feature that will be on the tables at the reception. Two words: Photography Challenge!


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