Katie's Engagement Ring

Katie's Engagement Ring

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Holding Pattern...

Hi Everyone,

The main question we're getting from friends and family is "When's the date!?"

We wish we could answer that at this point, believe me, we really do. So many things are hinged upon setting a date... booking vendors and what not.

We've made initial contact with the Associate Pastor at First Baptist, but we're still waiting for a response so we can begin our Marriage Preparation Course.

For the reception, however, the summer conference schedule hasn't been finalized, which is why we can't yet commit to the space. Hopefully that'll be soon though!

It's frustrating to no be able to move forward with any planning. Katie has finished her surprise for her bridesmaids and I've set my list of groomsmen, but that's about it! We want to keep going...

We will however, be going back to Bijoux soon to 1) put Katie's wedding band on layaway with a deposit before the price goes up and 2) purchase my wedding band!

We're still working on the wedding website. I'll hopefully have it up by this weekend =)


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